Products Liability Litigation

The future of a company or one of its product lines may be at stake when claims of defective products are filed. Since 1974, our Products Liability group has exclusively defended manufacturers against claims of defective products.

Our in-depth experience in this arena translates into a keen understanding of the technical aspects of this complex area of law. We are knowledgeable in the areas of product warning, instructions, and owner’s manuals and the exhaustive process by which products are deemed appropriate for consumer use.

Representative clients include the makers of tires, batteries, medical devices, and insecticides. Asbestos litigation is a category of products liability law requiring an extensive understanding of the causes of asbestos-related diseases. We have handled many cases involving such claims. Companies facing lawsuits based on allegations of failure to warn or misrepresentation of a product have also benefited from our experience in this realm. Our creative approaches have led to successful and lasting outcomes.

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