Environmental And Energy Law

Environmental and energy law, even for the initiated, can be a world of both bewildering complexity and high risk.  With our depth of experience and comprehensive knowledge, we help clients identify and understand their available options and reduce their risk.  In addition, based on the Group’s familiarity with all areas of law relevant to gas development, we assist clients in obtaining protection both with respect to operations and with new wealth as well as to maximize the financial benefits.  While the Environmental and Energy Law group has experience with the full range of employment and energy legal issues, our practice most frequently focuses on the following areas:

  • Remediation of contaminated properties, both government monitored and voluntary, including Superfund and Brownfield development.
  • Environmental regulatory counseling, including permitting and regulatory compliance assistance in areas such as hazardous waste, air pollution control, water pollution control and toxic substances control.
  • Environmental component of transactions, including environmental due diligence and drafting transaction documents, such as environmental risk allocation language in transaction documents and insurance policies.
  • Environmental litigation, including Superfund, governmental and cost enforcement recovery defense, private cleanup cost recovery and coverage litigation.
  • All phases of legal work relevant to the development of gas in the Marcellus Shale region of Pennsylvania, which could involve the following:
    • Preparation of leases and pipeline agreements
    • Interpretation and enforcement of those agreements
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Entity formation
    • Real estate transactions
    • Tax and estate planning
    • Litigation of damages and lease claims