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With over 35 attorneys comprising our four offices—Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Florida—Spector Gadon & Rosen, P.C. has the experience you need to address your legal concerns. Since 1974, our firm has provided dedicated and able counsel to banks, emerging businesses, individuals, and various entities. Practicing the art of law, we provide unique and inspired work in every matter. Contact our firm to arrange a consultation.

Paul R. Rosen Chairman of the Board

Steven F. Gadon (Deceased) Member
Nancy Abrams Member
John T.  Asher, III Member
Leslie Beth Baskin Member
Milton H. Cross Member
Andrew J.  DeFalco Member
Joseph J. Devine Member
Daniel J. Dugan Member
Heather M. Eichenbaum Member
Alan B. Epstein Member
Jonathan J. Greystone Member
Stanley P. Jaskiewicz Member
Jeffrey Kaiser Member
Michael McGirney Member
Alan J. Mittelman Member
Jennifer Myers Chalal Member
Rise'  Newman Member
Kermit Rader Member
Stephanie V. Shreibman Member
George M. Vinci, Jr. Member

Peter D. Cripps Of Counsel
Edward G. Fitzgerald (Deceased) Of Counsel
Joe Khan Of Counsel
Brooke C. Madonna Of Counsel
Jared  Solomon Of Counsel
Neal Troum Of Counsel
Joshua  Upin Of Counsel

Bruce Bellingham Senior Litigation Counsel
David B. Picker Senior Litigation Counsel

Cory Chandler Associate
Amy L. Christiansen Associate
Johan Kian Associate
James Moriarty Associate
Karen E. McManus Rich Associate
Randi Wolf Associate
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